Business advantages of India based web development services


With the improvement in global telecommunication and spread of Internet, the whole planet has changed into a marketplace for goods and services. Businesses are trying to take advantage and make use of this prospective market and increasingly looking to harness India based web development services and outsource to India. Websites are a necessity to showcase business products and services to the worldwide target audience and an India based web development services setup can deliver decisive   gains to businesses looking to extend their web presence. The primary focus of this article is to showcase current benefits of outsourcing to India based web design and development services.


1. Financial gains


The most common, easily assessable and most profound gain of outsourcing to India is the cost advantage. Cost of operations in India is undoubtedly much lesser at any level of business. Based on comparative analysis, web application developer in India will be at least 3-5 times cheaper than his counterpart in a developed economy. With the same budget in mind a business can actually hire more resources and get more work done, faster and with better quality. More developers working on a project not only deliver time gains but also deliver a much reliable quality in form of peer reviews and developer to developer interactions leading to a better product.  In the present world scenario, with financial troubles world over, cost benefits can go a long way in sustaining business advantages for any type of business.


2. The Group Effect:


Due to the financial gains as mentioned in #1, it has been found that India based web development services setup are able to recruit and sustain a much larger team size and diversity in terms of skills and capabilities than most small setups in western countries. Larger team strength not only assures a reliable delivery but each individual developer or web designer is able to learn more and grow faster in their work due to interaction with more number of peers in the same skill areas. Collective learning is enhanced in team mode. So while a small web development services setup in a city like “Newyork” may be able to afford a team of 3-5 people with only 1 core developer, a firm in India will be able to have a team of 20-25 people with 10-15 developers, in the process providing a more interactive learning and collaboration environment for its developers and in turn providing a better and a more qualified output.


3. On demand workforce


Today’s volatile business environments require business to have capability to scale up and down fast in a short period as well as add new dimensions and skills to their workforce swiftly, to meet the needs of changing business scenarios and make most of it. Outsourcing to India for Web development services, offer lucrative options for businesses not only to minimize costs but to increase their manpower utilization and effectiveness. Business can actually ramp up their need for skilled IT resources easily and flexibly without any long term commitment by engaging with web design and development firms in India. Resources or Web development services in India can be engaged even on a project by project basis eliminating any risks in short or long term engagements which is not achievable by recruiting full time or part-time resources in house. Having access to flexible at the same time skilled manpower is an asset to any business and a major capability multiplier, as that enable businesses to survive volatile markets with most bare basic workforce. Businesses utilizing web development services in India are at a major advantage in this regard.


4. On time delivery


Getting project done on time is one of the main facets of superb execution and has lead to successful business models worldwide based on outsourcing business needs for web design and development to India. As discussed in #2, with a same budget, businesses can engage more web developers/designers in India and get their project done faster leading to faster time to market for their products and services. Moreover due to unique geographical positioning, Indian web developers get the work done during night and can deliver work before start of business the next day for most western countries. Not only this leads to utilization of the unproductive hours (night time) but also enable business owners to have virtually no lag time as work delivered to web developers in India in evenings will actually get done before start of next working day, this is a huge advantage to business owners, especially those who are short on time on their important projects.


5. More value for Small Businesses


Due to very high cost for skilled web development resource in developed countries, in most cases, small business are unable to afford an extensive web development or web marketing plan. Small and medium business has been neglected in this regard a lot. With the advent of global workforce outsourcing to India provides an extremely viable and affordable option for them. For the same budget, small business are able to leverage on best web development services, which were earlier only available to large corporations. Outsourcing to India will enable small business to get the same quality service at a much lower price enabling them to carry more extensive web marketing and expansion of their web projects leading to more customers and sales. India based web design and web development services can actually facilitate a faster growth for the SMB sector worldwide.


6. Remote Location Advantages


Being remotely located, India offers some unique advantages of its own. Web development services based out of India will not be affected by local disturbances or disruptions in your own city or country.  Remote locations enable the operational flexibility to business owners to outsource work to India and retain their competitive edge even when there are business disruptions or unavailability of skilled manpower, for a particular task, locally.

Due to the series of benefits as discussed above most small and medium business in need of web development services are realigning their business model to take advantage of outsourcing to India. In doing so, businesses better prepare themselves to survive the harsh market conditions and come out victorious.