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Custom WordPress Sites

Custom sites

We are experts in Web design and development of Custom WordPress sites and have developed a wide variety of sites starting from sales pages to large CMS sites in WordPress.


At Debcom, our general approach to project starts with an in-depth review of your requirements and analysis of how a CMS like WordPress can meet your needs. Being experienced in WordPress we understand the intricacies of the system and evaluate the pros and cons of using WordPress for your site. We judge your given requirements to draw out the final plan on how to implement your system. Just stacking in more and more plugins/modules without consideration will make the site heavy, slow to load and difficult to maintain in the long run. Optimized planning and implementation plays a part in having a responsive and easy to maintain system for the long run.


Next, we start with design of the user interface of the system. Web design is not about just looking good but stressing on the factors that will make your site work well, Usability, maintainability, layout, ease of navigation, choice of colors are among the important facets of web site design. Unless your visitors can navigate well, find what they are looking for and use your site effectively, there is no point in having a site. We underline and work on what is best suited for your website. We call it “Workable designs”. So our designs may not win the “best design of the year” awards but will actually work for you and your intended audience.


The UI designs created are reviewed with you, any concerns/correction are worked out. We work with you to validate that the given design meets your needs and has ample scope of expansion as may be needed for future enhancements. The finalized UI design for all the pages are developed and approved by you before proceeding to development.


Once the designs are finalized, they are converted to HTML markups. We use the latest standard HTML5/CSS3 to build your markups. The markups are validated with W3C web standards to ensure that they follow web best practices and are compliant with all W3C compliant browsers. We also manually check the markups in all major browsers to test their compliance. At Debcom, we take special care to ensure that your site performs flawlessly in all major browser platforms.  If your site also needs to be mobile compatible a responsive markup is created. A responsive markup is a specially coded html/css which ensures that your markup not only works in desktop browser but also in browsers in mobile and handheld devices. For mobile compatible responsive sites, apart from a standard desktop web view, a mobile and tablet views are also created. Your site will display a mobile compatible version when viewed in a iPhone, iPad or other similar smart phones and tablets.


After the designs and markups are completed and tested, the actual creation of the site in WordPress starts. The completed designs and implemented as a WordPress theme and tested on your website. Most of the required features are realized using open source plugins. For features where open source plugins are not available or will not serve your specified needs, a custom plugin is coded with the desired features and integrated to your site.


The completed Website, is hosted in our test server for your full review before delivery of the website. Any issues/corrections identified in subsequent testing and user reviews are worked out and finally the site is made live


We have designed and developed Custom WordPress websites for hundreds of clients in various domains, across the world. All our clients are extremely satisfied with our work and leave glowing feedbacks.


If you have a requirement for a WordPress Website, we would be happy to hear from you and provide you with our expert opinion. Our prices are extremely competitive and we offer a 6 month support for any issues found in our work.


Look forward to business from you


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Why Us

We are professionals with extensive expertise in developing websites in various domains and technologies. We firmly believe in the one site does not fit all mentality; hence we devise unique solutions for your business needs. While our services may cost more than cheap providers available in market, but our quality and targeted solutions bring more value to your business.

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