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Web Design

web-designDebcom Software Pvt Ltd specializes in Custom Web design for various types of websites including Business sites (B2B and B2C), Sales sites, Blogs, Personal sites, Landing pages, Social Networking sites, Membership sites and a host of other sites in different domains for clients worldwide. We create unique, on topic, original web 2.0 designs that are robust, reliable, expandable, cross browser compatible, mobile compatible and SEO friendly. Our Web designs are optimized for web use and load fast and compatible in all major browsers and even handheld devices.

Web design is not about just looking good but stressing on the factors that will make your site work well, Usability, maintainability, layout, ease of navigation, choice of colors and typography for easy readability are among the important facets of web site design. A professional web designer will not only design a beautiful site, but also follow best web standards to make it efficient in terms of usability. We underline and work on what is best suited for your website. We call it “Workable designs”. A web designer also have to keep in mind SEO best practices and has to maintain layout and markups in a way which can be easily read, understood and indexed properly by search engines.

A web designer also needs to keep an eye for easily maintainability of the site in future.

We do our best to ensure that you get the benefits of our wide experience in this field and so that your site performs beyond your expectations.

You can review sites designed by us in our Portfolio

The overall web design process proceeds as follows:

1.    The process generally starts with you filling up the design questionnaire. The questionnaire contains different questions to fully understand your needs and goals.
2.    We review your details and discuss with you to get all your clarifications for any queries that we may have.
3.    Next we create the initial concept designs and send to you for your review and comments
4.    We iterate on the designs based on your comments and other business needs and create an updated design and resend it for your approval. This iteration cycle continues till the final design is approved
5.    Development of the site starts based on the final approved design.
6.    The development version of the site is hosted in our Test hosting for your review and any corrections needed.
7.    Once approved the site is deployed (to your hosting) and made live.

We would be happy to discuss your requirements and provide a feasible and affordable solution for your needs. Please get in touch here.


Logo Design

Debcom specializes in Custom Logo and icon design services for clients worldwide. We create unique, on topic, original vector logos. We provide the final logos in several different formats including vector formats, enabling users to use the logos for all purposes( print as well as web).

A well designed logo is a must for any business to establish their brand and identity. People often remember businesses by their logo, hence your logo will be the face of your business and needs special attention.

Several of our design experts work on each logo project adding variety and enabling you to get several different versions of the logo for your needs. Our expert team pays special attention to the style to ensure that your logo is attractive and achieves its purpose.

Our logo/icon design workflow is as follows:

  1. We discuss with you to get your vision and idea for the logo
  2. Our expert designers create 5-10 different initial concepts for your logo
  3. You review the concepts and let us know your comments/feedback
  4. We refine the logo based on your comments to provide you the perfect logo as per your needs

Please review the sample logos done by us below. Get in touch to order your logo here.